How To Work From Home Healthily

If you're reading this while working from home, you're not alone. The 10 second commute from the bedroom to the lounge or home office has become the norm for the time being as most workplaces across the country have transitioned to working from home. Sometimes when our routines get disrupted it can be easier to fall in to unhealthy habits. Now more than ever, it is essential to remain healthy, happy and productive throughout the day.

Here are some things you can do at home to add routine back into your life and keep yourself healthy!


Set an Alarm

Try to get up around the same time every day. Go through your morning routine, eat a healthy breakfast and crack on with your work. This simple trick will help you to feel like you are getting the most out of your mornings and set you up for the rest of the day.

Exercise Regularly

One of the big bonuses of working from home is that there’s a whole lot more time to fit in some exercise as you’ve cut out time spent sitting in traffic. Although there's not as much walking around the workplace and moving too and from meetings, there's now the freedom to go for a lunchtime run or walk, or an evening weights session!

Know When To Log Out

Because we are almost always connected, it can be difficult to know when to stop working (that includes replying to work-related emails). Make a habit of signing out and shutting down at around the same time you normally would in the office (or decide on alternative hours that work for you). 


Meditation doesn't have to mean holding the lotus position for an hour. It can be as easy as giving youself 15 minutes to lie down and drop all your mental processes. No need to worry about breath or trying to achieve anything at all, give yourself a chance to really chill.


Regardless of where you’re working from, it's always essential to stay fueled with the highest quality nutrition. Refuel with a SwoleFoods meal to get the nutrients you need to stay healthy.