How To Snack The Right Way

Following a healthy eating plan can be difficult at the best of times, especially with the vast array of food options that we have at our fingertips today. Sometimes hunger can set in and smashing back a few snacks becomes inevitable. In many cases, snacking is the downfall of a healthy diet - but it doesn't have to be. Here we offer some simple guidance as to recognising why you might be feeling those hunger pains and how to deal with them in a healthy way.

If you are snacking because you are hungry, chances are that you are burning more energy than you are consuming and you need the extra fuel. By ensuring that you eat the right amount of macro nutrients in your meals every day, you will keep your energy levels high and reduce those cravings that come when hunger sets in.
If your goal is to cut out snacking all together, you can make great strides simply by removing temptation.  Go through those kitchen cupboards and pick out all those junk foods that you just know will do your body no good. Make a mental note of what they were and avoid buying them again next time you do your grocery shopping.
Snacking is not the devil by default. It just so happens that generally we associate the term with foods that are about as far from nourishing as can be. If your lifestyle requires regular energy top ups, try purchasing healthy snacks instead. To start off with, think about the snacks you are eating. Would they fit easily into a food group such as fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products or proteins? A couple of pieces of fruit, yogurt or some whole grain crackers are examples that will provide your body with the nutrients and energy that it needs.
Snacking also extends to what we drink. Soda, iced tea and most bottled juices tend to contain a lot of added sugars and artificial ingredients, and are usually high in calories but low in nutrients. Home made fruit juices are nice natural alternatives, as is a glass of milk and the best beverage of all - water.
So before you reach in to the cupboards for a snack, first ask yourself if you are honestly hungry or if you are just eating because you are bored, because the food tastes good, or because you feel compelled to eat when doing a certain activity (like watching a movie). If you are indeed hungry and needing some added fuel, do your body a favour and go for the healthy alternative.

To help make sure that you get the right nutrition to fuel your day and avoid hunger pangs, SwoleFoods has created meal plans with calculated servings of macro nutrients so that no matter what your day brings, you can power through with plenty of energy.
Simply choose the right meal for your goal, order and enjoy.