Will I lose Body Fat With Swolefoods?

Losing body fat can seem like a challenge at times, but swolefoods turns this process in to a straightforward one. If you really want to lose body fat, you can with swolefoods. it comes down to choosing the right meal plan for your needs.

How will SF help me lose weight?

All the foods that we eat are made up of a mixture of three macronutrient groups - carbs, proteins and fats. All are required by your body to a varying degree so that it can function properly. When we get the ratio of these macronutrients correct, our bodies function well. However when we strat to consume too much of any given nutrient, our bodies dont function as well and we start to put on weight.

By setting a goal of how many proteins carbs and fats we want to consume each day, your can lose body fat by forcing your body to burn fat as energy.

Calculating these ratios and sticking to the plan can be difficult, which is why we have developed 3 set ranges that take the guess work out of things.

Which SF plans are best for fat loss?

It comes down to two factors your lifestyle and your activity levels as to which range you chose. The low carb range and the active range are both high in protein which is essential for fat loss. protein helps to control several fat loss promoting hormones  while boosting metabolism and increasing satiety so you feel fuller for longer and naturally dont feel the need to eat as much.


Low Carb Range

Active Range