November 07, 2022 Nutrition

5 Ways Our Weight Loss Set Works To Help You Lose Body Fat

Looking to shed a few extra kilos for summer? Look no further than our weight loss set. Here a 5 ways it can help you to get your body summer ready:

Portion Controlled Servings

Weight loss comes down to one simple rule – energy in vs energy out. In our weight loss set we’ve included 2 different meal sizes, giving you a calculated portion for both lunch and dinner. This helps to provide plenty of energy to power you through the day while keeping you in a calorie deficit.

Burn Body Fat As Energy

It’s important to get your calorie deficit just right. Too little and you limit your results, too large and you risk sending your body into starvation mode where it actually stores fat. The weight loss helps to keep your calorie deficit just right so that you burn body fat for fuel. We also taper your carb intake so that you’re consuming the bulk of your complex carbs during the day, while cutting out carbs at night. This helps to lower your insulin response, reduce your energy intake whilst you’re resting and assist your body to burn fat.

High Protein For Muscle Recovery

With weight loss as your goal, chances are that you’ll be exercising more than usual to burn off excess calories and tone up your physique. It is crucial to ensure that your muscles are being fuelled adequately with protein to help them recover and grow stronger after training. All the meals in our weight loss set are high in quality, lean proteins to help with muscle recovery.

Stops Wavering

Just as one bad meal won’t ruin your diet, one good meal won’t magically get you shredded. They key to losing body fat is to be consistent with your eating, that way the calorie deficit will add up over time and you’ll start to see results. Our weight loss meals are delivered directly to your door and only take 6 minutes to reheat, making them a simple, convenient option to help you stay consistent, regardless of how busy your day gets.

Delicious Recipes

The other way we help you stay on track is to make meal times something to look forward to. With our weight loss set your days of bland, boring and dry diet meals are over! Enjoy delicious recipes that satisfy your tastebuds and help you to burn fat at the same time.

Follow this link to order your weight loss set today. You've got nothing to lose - except that unwanted body fat!