Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the commonly asked questions we receive. If your question has not been
answered below please contact us on enquires@swolefoods.co.nz and we will get back to you


How should I store the meals?

Meals should be stored in the freezer and moved to the fridge a day before you wish to consume them. 

How long can I keep my meals for?

Refer to the expiry date on the meal.  We cook in small batches so the expiry date in the best way to be sure.

How do I heat my meals?

Meals can be heated in the microwave or a conventional oven. Heating instructions are provided on the sleeve of each meal.

For best results we recommend that your thaw your meals over night in the fridge and then heat them,

Will I need to cook the meals?

No, our purpose is to save you the time and energy which goes into cooking and
meal prepping. We deliver Ready to Heat and Eat Meals so you do not need to cook any of the meals yourself.

What is the difference between, the three meal ranges?

Meal prep should never be ONE size fits all, hence we have three distinct sizes and ranges. Our Swole Range is a 450g meal, Active is 350g and Low Carb is 300g. (Low carb does not include a complex carbohydrate source).  

Can I customise my meal sizes and components?

Unfortunately at this stage we do not provide this service.

Do I need to add other condiments or ingredients?

The meals are designed keeping in mind neutral tastes. Our Chef's have worked hard in designing recipes which will appeal to most people. However, you are welcome to add condiments to adapt the meal to your preference if need be. 


How do I pay for the meals?

You can pay for your meals using either a Visa or Mastercard.

We also have the option of Using Afterpay as a payment method. Google Pay is also available for your convinience.

What is Afterpay and how do I use it?

Afterpay is a payment platform which allows customer to purchase items and pay for them over 4 installments due every two weeks. For example if your order total comes to $100, you will pay the amount in smaller installments without any additional charges as long as the payments are made on time. You are required to set up an account with Afterpay and accept their terms of service which can be found by clicking HERE.

What is a recurring subscription order?

Our recurring subscription service is a great tool to save you time and energy in ordering your meals. You simply choose your meal pack and meals once, select how frequently you wish to have the meals delivered and we do the rest.  You can manage your subscription by signing into your account on our site.

Can I cancel my recurring order?

You can cancel your subscription at any time after your SECOND ORDER has been successfully charged for.

Can I pause my subscription ?

For sure, you can skip deliveries if you wish or pause your subscription for a period of time.


When will my meals arrive?

You Can order any day of the week and we aim to delivery in 2-4 working days.

How are the meals delivered?

The meals are delivered in environmentally friendly cardbord boxes with WoolCool or paper based Insulation as well as Thermogard Gel Ice packs to keep them chilled. 

What if I am not home when the courier arrives?

It is always best to make sure someone is at home to recieve the meals so that they can be stored in the fridge or freezer right away. However, in the case where there is no one at home the couriers are instructed to leave the box at a safe spot near your door step. 

What if my meals do not arrive?

When your order is dispatched you will receive an email with a tracking number. This will allow you to track your meals ever step of their journey to you. However, in the unlikely situation where the meals do not arrive, we will investigate with the courier company and try to find an acceptable solution for you. Please refer to our 'terms of service' for further information.

How much does delivery cost?

Our Minimum delivery fees are:

Delivery to Auckland is $12

Delivery to Rest of North Island is $16

Delivery to South Island is $29.

Please Note:  Delivery fees apply to all deliveries unless otherwise advertised. Delivery fees are calculated based on the order weight and the above rates are minimum charges only.

Do you deliver to my address?

WE DELIVER NATIONWIDE TO RESIDENTIAL AND BUSINESS ADDRESES.  ( RURAL AREAS NOT INCLUDED.) .  If you are unsure whether we will deliver to you, please email us on enquiries@swolefoods.co.nz for confirmation.

Do you Deliver to Rural Addresses?

Unfortunately at this stage we do not deliver to Rural Addresses, due to the Perishable nature of the meals and the uncertain time frame for the delivery by Courier Post. We cannot guarantee the meals will arrive chilled. 


I received a tracking link but it did not update?

For some delivery zones we use a private refrigerated courier company and while our system prints the courier post address label ( which generates the tracking link) the private company uses this for address purposes only.

They are not linked to the NZPost system and we are able to give you updates on the delivery status either by phone or email at orders@swolefoods.co.nz

Discount Codes and Free Shipping?

Our Free shipping for orders over $230 is to Auckland deliveries only and to one off orders only. Subscription orders save 10% on the price of the meals and may be charged a delivery fee to Auckland.

However, if you have used a Discount Code on your order, the system will give you the higher discount of the two, IE: free shipping or the Value of the discount from your code.

Shipping protection

What is shipping protection?

This is an additional service we offer as a guarantee that if the meals are damaged in transit and/or undelivered by the courier we will either refund you or offer you a credit for your next order.

Please note: This does not cover delayed delivery which is completed.