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The SwoleFoods Brand Ethos

SwoleFoods was created with a simple intention: to make healthy eating tasty, easy and sustainable.

Throughout our years of experience in the health and fitness industry, writing eating and training plans for 1000’s of people, we have come to see first hand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to improving ones state of health and wellbeing.

We have seen fad diets, trends and miracle cures come and go, along with the results that people temporarily achieve through them. One fact remains; that a healthy lifestyle is the result of healthy habits.

We believe that healthy eating must be tasty, easy and sustainable. If effort, discomfort or sacrifice are continuously required, you eventually tend to burn out, leading you back towards the destructive habits that brought you to the point where you felt change was necessary in the first place.

Yes there can be some pain in the beginning, but this should only be to slow the old habits and allow new ones to emerge. Once this occurs, making healthy choices becomes easy, as you will have established new sensitivities and preferences to match your improved state of wellbeing.

It is our mission to help you to shift these habits so that they point in the direction of your goal of living as the healthiest version of you, whatever that may look and feel like.

What do we mean by Tasty?

Healthy food can often be thought of as bland, tasteless and difficult to eat. This might have been your experience in the past but we have come to change all that! Our priority is to make the most healthy, flavourful, nutritious meals available.

The first place we start is with the ingredients. Wholefood ingredients contain flavours and nutrients that simply aren’t found in many processed foods, as in most cases the processes applied actively strip them of their fibre, vitamin and mineral content and beneficial health properties in favour of modifying appearance, texture and extending shelf life.

We use ingredients that are all natural and have undergone minimal processes to ensure that the meal you are eating is nutrient dense while keeping the natural flavours in tact.

We include a range of super foods in our meals because of their health giving properties. Ingredients like sunflower seeds, turmeric, black, red and brown rice, chickpeas and sesame seeds all posses unique combinations of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibre, protein and healthy fats which can help to give your body a boost in various ways.

We also make a conscious decision to not use any preservatives or artificial ingredients, while keeping sugars and saturated fats to a minimum, keeping things as clean and naturally delicious as possible.

What do we mean by Easy?

We all lead busy lives and are constantly balancing our work, family and social commitments. Time is often stretched very thin and it becomes difficult to find a spare moment to prioritise our health.

Shopping, cooking and cleaning take up a huge chunk of our spare time. Then there are the challenges of creating enough variety and storing meals so that they are still desirable once the end of the week rolls around.

When our days are long and life gets the better of us sometimes it can seem like the only option is to reach for takeaways or unhealthy foods simply because they are convenient. Our priority is to make food that actually supports your health even more convenient!

By delivering pre made meals to you door we help to alleviate some of the time pressures around food that you might experience during the working week. We also have an option to set up a subscription whereby your favourite order will be placed automatically according to when you want it, meaning that your lunches and dinners for the week will become something that you don’t even need to think about!

What do we mean by Sustainable?

There are many reasons for which we might reach for something to eat. We may be looking to satisfy our hunger. We may be looking to stimulate our senses. Sometimes we eat out of cravings, and other times out of emotional connection. We can even eat as a reaction to stress or as a way to fight boredom.

The varying driving forces behind why we eat also tend to influence what we eat, depending on whether we are eating as a result of positive or negative feelings.

A healthy lifestyle should not feel like an act of continual sacrifice. All the work that you are doing to clean up your eating habits must eventually bring you to a place where you are no longer bound by your past cravings and tendencies, and are free to actively choose the foods you feel will serve you best.

With a varied menu, healthy food that tastes great and a simple ordering and delivery process we have worked to try and remove many of the challenges that you might have otherwise encountered on your healthy journey.

Many popular eating regimes are very extreme in what they promise as results, and equally extreme in the restrictions that they place upon you. By focussing our approach upon the basics of clean eating – low sugar, low sat fat, high protein and good or low carbohydrates, we keep healthy eating as something that is simple enough to sustain because you aren’t really limited in any way.

By incorporating SwoleFoods in to your daily eating patterns you ensure that your body is receiving quality nutrients on a regular basis, which in turn forms the basis of a healthy routine. No need to pass on your friends birthday cake because it will ruin your waistline, no dramas if you happen to eat out for a couple of days or decide that today is the day for a tub of ice-cream, because you have shifted your habits to form a wholesome pattern in which the majority of your meals are now aligned with your goals.

A Long Term Approach

We know that over the course of your journey you will likely encounter changes in your food preferences, appetite, body composition and goals.

When you take on new challenges we want to make sure that we are still able to offer you the same support. That’s why we have created three distinct ranges of meals each designed to cater to different nutritional needs and health goals.

The way that food affects your body composition can be understood by looking at macronutrients. This word simply refers to the major categories of nutrients that comprise all of the foods that you eat, being proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

The balance between the amount of protein, carbs and fat that you eat throughout the day will help to determine the composition and appearance of your body, along with the quality and quantity of the food that you eat.

We set up three ranges of meals with different combinations of these macros to align with the composition that you are aiming for. Because if you want to lose body fat for example, you are going to need a different combination of macronutrients compared to someone who wants to gain muscle.

Of equal importance is the amount of energy that you consume, called calories. Each body needs a certain amount of calories per day to function. If you eat more calories than you use, you will store the extra calories in your body and gain weight. Where these calories are stored can depend greatly on the ratio of macros that you eat.

Similarly if you eat less calories than you burn each day, you will lose weight. Again, where you lose the weight from will come down to what you have eaten.

By helping you to count calories with consistent serving sizes we aim to make it clear and easy for you to achieve your goal, by eating not only the right amount of calories but also with the right ratios of macronutrients so that you will see results.

That is our goal, to assist you. If you feel that you have any questions about your specific needs, please get in touch with us as we would love to get to know you and understand how we can be of assistance.

We really love hearing about your journey and the results that you are seeing. It inspires us to keep growing as a brand and to find better ways to serve you and to give you the right tools that you need to succeed.