Rapid Shred Pack

When you are looking to drop body fat fast, you need to be in a calorie deficit.  By choosing to eat meals low in carbohydrates your body will turn to stored body fat for fuel and this results in excess calories being burned while still keeping your muscles fueled with the protein.

What You Get

Goal based eating is all about consistency. Every meal that you receive has been hand weighed to ensure that you are getting all the quality nutrition you need. 

You will get 10 meals from our Low Carb range

The meals are selected at random each time, meaning occasionally you might get two of the same flavour. If you have food intolerances, or you want to include your favourites, please build your own box of meals from our menu page as we are unable to fulfil custom requests for these sets.

How to use

Consuming these meals for both lunch and dinner will ensure that you are receiving plenty of high quality protein and fibre with low net carbohydrates to fuel intense physical activity and to force your body into a calorie deficit quickly.

How to Stick to the Plan

Your body needs time to adjust to the reduction in Calories, don't expect changes to happen in a couple of days. Give yourself time to adjust to this. We suggest allowing 4-6 weeks to see a really good result.

Cravings to more food are normal on this program, but remember you chose this plan for a bigger goal. 


Each person is different and based on your overall eating plan and exercise routine results will vary. Eating low carb and training regularly is a tried and tested formula to lose body fast quickly.