February 07, 2022 Lifestyle, Nutrition

Which SwoleFoods Range Of Meals Is Right For Me?

You might have noticed that we have three different ranges of meals. These are called the Swole, Active and Low Carb ranges. What is the difference between them? And which range is the best for you?

Here we will endeavour to help you understand why we have created distinct ranges and how each can suit your unique lifestyle, body type and health and fitness goals.

What Are The Differences?

The main differences are the amount of food in each meal – aka the portion size – and the balance of protein, carbs and fats in each meal – called macronutrients.

These two factors combine to influence how the meals affect your body in terms of how it looks and feels. The more consistent you are with your eating, the greater the influence.

Food Quantity

It may seem reasonably obvious, but the more food you eat the higher your chance of weight gain, and the less food you eat the greater your chance of weight loss.

By controlling the portions of each meal range, we help to align what you are eating with your weight goals, whether you want to lose weight, gain weight or stay just as you are.

Macronutrient Balance

As the saying goes, “you are what you eat”. Protein, carbs and fats affect the way that your body appears and what it is composed of. When it comes to gaining muscle or burning body fat, these three macronutrients play a huge role in either helping or hindering you.

When you match the right balance of macronutrients with the right portion size for you goal, it becomes a lot easier to see results.

Let’s take a closer look at each range to see what they’re made of and who they are designed for.

Our Ranges

Swole Range

This is our largest serving of food with the highest calorie, carbohydrate and protein content. Perfect if you are on your feet all day, have a healthy appetite, are trying to build lean muscle or are looking for enough quality energy to perform at your athletic peak.

Active Range

A perfectly balanced meal with enough food to keep you feeling satisfied, yet light in calories to help maintain your current physique. Suited to those who are on the go and have no time to cook, and are looking to stay healthy while eating a tasty meal.

Low Carb Range

A meal range that is designed to help you to burn body fat as energy. Using only vegetables as a carb source and low overall in calories. Great if you are used to or trying to transition to a low carb way of eating, especially for dinners to avoid having carbs at night. With the addition of your own fats these meals can be made Keto.

How Does Each Range Align With My Goals?

I’m Trying To Lose Weight

When you break it down, weight loss is actually very simple. Weight loss occurs naturally when the amount of energy that you consume (through food and drink) is less than the amount of energy that you burn.

On an average, we use 2200 calories in a day to stay alive – energy that is spent keeping our organs functioning, our limbs moving and our brains thinking.

When you start exercising, this number increases. The more intense the exercise, the more energy is consumed.

The goal with weight loss is to ensure that the amount of energy you are eating is less than what you are burning.

Our Low Carb meals are helpful in this scenario for two reasons. One is due to how many calories they contain, and two is due to the absence of complex carbohydrates.

Low Calorie

By carefully measuring the serving size so that each meal contains 300g of food we keep calories low across the whole range. Consistently reducing your calorie intake is the best way to encourage weight loss.

Low Carb

By dropping your intake of complex carbs you begin to drop the levels of insulin within your body. Insulin is the main hormone which instructs fat cells to produce and store fat, and to hold on to the fat that they already carry.

It also tells other cells in the body to pick up glucose (blood sugar) from the bloodstream and burn that instead of fat.

The lower the levels of insulin in your bloodstream, the greater chance you have of burning body fat for energy.

For more tips on how to shed a few extra kilos, check out our article on weight loss here.

I’m Busy And Just Want A Healthy Meal That’s Easy To Prepare

A balanced lifestyle begins with a well-balanced meal. No matter how busy life becomes, making sure that you get enough nutrition on board is key when it comes to maintaining a healthy state.

Our Active meals are designed to help you to achieve balance in your diet. They contain all the right amounts of protein, carbs, fibre, fats and vegetables to ensure that you’re getting a nutritious meal while you’re on the go.

It's a meal that won’t push you over the edge and make you gain weight, and a meal that will keep you satisfied, give you enough energy to last the day without feeling hungry.

I’m Heading Back In To The Gym And I Want To Gain Muscle

Muscle gain is all about consuming an excess of calories in the right form so as to encourage your body to convert that extra energy in to muscle. You can achieve a surplus of energy by eating higher calorie foods.

Now calories come in all shapes and sizes, and there are certainly forms which are healthy and those which aren’t. Sugars and saturated fats are foods which are extremely high in calories, but eating them in large quantities won’t give you bigger biceps.

What you need are calories in the form of lean proteins and clean, complex carbohydrates.

When combined with an intense exercise regime in which you are actively working your muscles to failure, our Swole meals, with quality high protein and complex carbs, will provide you with all the building blocks that you need to repair and grow your muscles bigger and stronger.

Can I Use A Combination Of Ranges?

Every body is unique, and every day is different. How we feel, what we get up to, how we sleep, what’s on our minds – all these things can contribute to how hungry we feel in any given moment.

Some of us get hungrier during the day, while others have a bigger meal at night. Some days we work out, we’re constantly on the run, and we need more energy to keep us going. Other days we rest, wind down and relax, and don’t feel so hungry.

The idea behind the ranges is that you can tailor them to fit your lifestyle and your goals.

If for example you were trying to lose weight, but had a sedentary job and didn’t exercise much, then the Low Carb range would be the perfect way to cut calories and encourage body fat loss.

However if you had quite an active job, or you were exercising regularly, then a combination of the Active and Low Carb range would be useful to help keep calories low whilst also ensuring that your muscles were receiving enough energy in the form of carbs to perform and heal properly.

Similarly, for those who want to eat a lighter lunch but get really hungry at night, a combination of Active and Swole can help to provide enough food so that you feel satisfied and energised without feeling weighed down and tired during the day.

We encourage you to try a variety of meal sizes so that you can test and see how they work for you. No one knows your body like you do! Listen to how each range makes you feel and you’ll know which is the right one to choose.


Still unsure of which range will work for you? Drop us a message and we’ll be in touch to walk you through how SwoleFoods can help you to achieve your goals.