The Importance Of Protein

Protein is a vital nutrient that our bodies require on a daily basis to stay healthy and strong. Here is a quick run through of what protein does within our bodies, why it is important and how we can ensure that we are fuelling our bodies with all the high quality protein it needs each day.

It is important to consume protein on a daily basis as unlike other nutrients it is not stored within your body. Any protein that is not used each day will simply be released by the body. With this in mind, we don't need to be so concerned with consuming too much protein on any given day, however a lack of consumption of protein means that your body does not have any reserves to tap in to.

One of the main uses of protein within the body is to build and repair muscle. Tiny tears occur in muscles when we work out and protein is used to repair these healthy tears, building the muscles slightly bigger than before in the process. Even if you are not regularly working out, your body still draws energy from your muscles throughout the day. Having protein as part of your daily diet helps to replenish and rebuild any lost muscle.

Protein also plays a key role in maintaining the healthy functions of our organs, metabolism and moods. Ensuring that we eat enough protein each day helps to keep our whole body in check.
So how to make sure that you're getting the right kind of protein? Start by looking for foods with protein as a key component on the label. These include foods such as lean meats (chicken, beef, pork and fish), eggs, along with nuts, beans and soy products.

The quantity of protein that you need will vary based on how active you are each day and what your health and fitness goals are.

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